Tynesha (1001377)

Born May 1997, Tynesha is a 14 year old girl who is likeable, friendly, and humorous. She enjoys arts and crafts, reading, and listening to music, as well as various outdoor activities. She loves being taken out to eat at restaurants. She especially loves the color purple! Tynesha is a bright child who is in seventh grade. She attends a class with extra supports. Tynesha enjoys the attention and approval of adults. She is working on improving her social skills, and has made good progress. Tynesha has made great gains and is an engaging child. It is felt that a family with no other children, or children who are grown and independent, would probably be best for her. A parenting style that can combine nurturance and firm limit setting, along with trust building, would be ideal. She will need a parent who can participate in counseling and other services with her. Tynesha wants to be adopted, and she needs a loving family who is committed to meeting her needs and giving her permanency. 

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