Moezella (L-708)

Born December 1992, Moezella is a friendly and sociable 15 year old female who enjoys going on outings. Like many teens her age, she likes to socialize with peers and adults. Moezella enjoys swimming, riding bikes, going to amusement parks, and spending time with her brother. She is quite friendly and enjoys meeting people. She likes to have girls' nights, where she and her friends do their makeup, nails, style their hair, and go out on activities in the community. Moezella attends school on a regular basis in an ungraded special educational program. Her math and reading skills are at the first to second grade level. Her academics are impacted by her significant developmental delays. She also needs assistance in dealing with transitional times at school and at the residential program where she lives. At her program, Moezella receives supervision, structure, and services for her developmental delays. She is currently functioning at a five to six year old level. She is in good physical health, and has moderate psychiatric diagnoses. She takes medication to assist her with her emotions and behaviors, which at times include impulsive and noncompliant behaviors. However, Moezella is successfully working on how to express her thoughts, feelings, and her frustrations in a positive manner. She has a brother that is being planned for separately. Continued visitation with her brother is very important. Moezella needs a loving and caring family that can provide her with permanency and consistency, and that would advocate for her ongoing educational needs.

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