Aarionna (1001817)

Born August 2001, Aarionna is an adorable 9 year old girl with a great smile. She can be quiet and shy around new people; however, once she gets to know you, she opens up and is very funny. Aarionna enjoys drawing, painting, and arts and crafts. She loves music and can be heard singing along to the radio. She likes to read and loves to write poetry. She also likes to ride her bike. Aarionna is going into fifth grade and is in a class with extra supports. She is able to form trusting relationships with adults and is able to carry on conversations about topics that are important to her. She is a strong and resilient child. Aarionna has siblings who are being planned for separately. She is especially close to one of her older siblings. It will be important for her to continue visits. It is felt that Aarionna would do best in a family with a single mother. She will also need to be the youngest child in her family. Aarionna needs a loving and committed forever family to nurture and help her to reach her full potential.  

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